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Legal Steps to Take in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

We entrust our loved ones to the nursing home service with a hope that they can spend their life among others of the same age and with nurses who can give full-time attention to them. However, nursing home abuse is not uncommon.

According to WHO, more than sixty percent of nursing home staff admitted committing some form of abuse to the elderly. Surprisingly, both men and women are at equal risk. Those with mental impairments, however, are more vulnerable than the healthy ones.

By referring to those facts, now we can see how vital legal knowledge is. Here are the legal steps that you can take if you encounter a nursing home abuse case.

Note the Story Thoroughly

Seniors often have difficulties in memorizing information. They may tell you the whole story of the abuse, or they may give you only hints. In whatever cases, it is essential to listen to the elderly and take a detailed note of his/her account. Also, you must not immediately undermine their complaints. Seniors have a sensitive feeling. If they think that you no longer trust them, they will hold all the pain by themselves.

At this point, you must think of whether the abuse is still tolerable or not. Sometimes, what has been perceived as an abusive act is a result of negligence. And an overcrowded nursing home may run out of resources and staff to accommodate the needs of all the seniors. However, you must not verify your suspicion directly to the nursing home as you have not gathered enough evidence. What you can do instead is to make a close observation and match the facts with the story from your elderly relative.

Also, you need to realize that abuse does not necessarily cause bruises or injuries. Verbal abuse is also a case. Negligence that leads to an injury is also a form of abuse. This violation can take many shapes but with the same harmful impact toward the victim. And you should side yourself with the injured party, not the perpetrator.

Consulting a Lawyer

The next logical step to take after convincing yourself about the validity of the abuse story is to bring the case to justice. But before the court proceeding, you should have it consulted with a lawyer.

During this step, you must remember that lawyers work based on their specialties. Family lawyers handle divorces, prenuptial agreement, and custody battles. Taxation lawyers defend their clients from exorbitant penalties. And in the nursing home abuse case, you are going to need the legal assistance from a skilled nursing home lawyer.

Spreading the News

Still based on WHO data, abuse cases toward elderly people are the least reported ones. The seniors lack the determination for justice and even the courage to speak up, and you must not blame them for those attitudes. Instead, you can help to create an environment that can protect senior citizens by telling your stories to others.

Your bravery to stand up for your elderly relative can inspire others to pay more attention to the wellbeing of senior citizens. Besides, when you deal with the matter according to the law, you also contribute to influencing others to be a law-abiding person.…

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Legal Tips That Can Save You from Trouble After an Auto Accident

No one wants to experience misfortunes, including an auto accident. But it can happen to us anytime. And we should know beforehand what might be our best response.

In this occasion, we are focusing on the legal matter of an auto accident. You will learn what you must and must not do in order to minimize your loss.

Avoid admitting anything

Car Accident2In an accident, do not immediately blame yourself for what happens. At its worst, you can be accounted liable for the whole mishap, and your own statement can be directly used to fight against you in court.

Even if the accident is minor, and no one gets injured, your guilt confession might make you lose your insurance claim. Bear in mind that an insurance company makes profits if their clients are not qualified for the policy. And in most policies, only if you are the victim of an accident, your claim can be smoothly processed.

Besides, your observation alone is not a valid source to recount the whole events of the accident. You need a neutral third party who can see through the case objectively.

Always prefer to call the police

Car AccidentAt some accidents, the second party may offer you the choice to solve the matter without involving the police. They may tell you that if there is the police gets their hands on the accident, the process will take a long time, and you are probably going to lose more money than if you resolve the dispute directly with them. The truth is, it is a bluff.

You can always make your case public and state an open complaint if dealing with the police officers brings you to an unfair result. But if you deal with the individual directly, and blackmailing happens, it is going to be your own fault.

Gather the most feasible evidence

CCTVAlways assume that you do not know what happens. Right after an accident, the best thing you can do is to gather all hard evidence.

If there are witnesses, ask for their names and contacts. If you happen to have installed a camera in your car, save it, and get the video.

Also, identify if there is a security camera nearby. Sometimes, the road security camera might not have got your accident on film, but the nearby store’s might.

If possible, you should take out your camera and photograph the accident scene before any objects are moved or changed in position.…